While organic search traffic can sometimes take months or years to garner results, PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to gain instant access to the top of the search results. The major benefit of PPC advertising is that you only pay when a user takes action. Take action refers to clicking on an ad or watching a video ad. With a wide variety of ad types across multiple ad platforms, PPC is a digital marketing solution that all companies can benefit from.

PPC Ad Types

While Google search ads and display ads are often the most common, we offer setup and offer management services for a wide variety of ads and ad types including:

Search Search Ads

  • Gain instant access to the top of the search results
  • Allows you to rank for keywords that are not on your website
  • Cost efficient
  • Drives sales and conversions
  • Allows you to place ads in front of people looking for your products or services.
  • High level of ROI  

Display Advertising

  • Extremely lost cost per click
  • An effective way to drive impulse sales
  • Choose the website you want your ads to appear on within the display network
  • Choose who sees your ads
  • Extremely lost cost per clicks

Remarketing Ads

  • Allows you to remark to people who recently left your website.
  • Allows you to make second chance offers with promotions.
  • Offers a low cost per click with a high rate of return.

Video Ads

  • Video ads cost just pennies per view.
  • You choose when and where your videos appear.
  • Perfect fo creating brand awareness.
  • Perfect for getting the word out about a new product or service.

Email Ads

  • Lets you serve ads to users on your email list.
  • Faebook, Google, and Linked, offer highly effective ads.
  • Perfect for marketing to people whose contact information you already have.

Shopping Ads

  • The most affordable way to sell your product online.
  • Attention grabbers.
  • High conversion rates.

PPC Advertising Platforms We Work With!

We work are versatile and with a wide variety ad platforms including Google, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Amazon and more. Depending on what your business goals and budgets are we may recommend  one or several of the platforms or ad types listed above.

PPC Pay-Per-Click Management Services

After the ads are created, they should never be left in auto pilot. This is why we offer aggressive ppc management services to ensure our clients get the results they are looking for.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Setting up conversion tracking.
  • Utilizing call tracking.
  • Positive and Negative Keyword Research.
  • Ad Development
  • A/B Testing Ads.
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Using data to become more targeted over time.
  • Providing competitor research and insight.
  • and more

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