Before any good digital marketing strategy should be implemented an full analysis of your current websites users experience, on page SEO elements, and PPC account if one is created needs to be analyzed and understood. This is why we offer a wide range of analysis’s to help us understand the strengths and weakness of your website and ad campaigns. This allows us to build on the strengths while fixing the weaknesses allowing you to get more people on your website, provide them with the information they need, and help them make a sale or become a lead with as little friction as possible.

We offers three main types of analysis. One to help provide a better user experience, a second to provide information on your SEO, and the third to analyse your current PPC campaigns. All provide a strategy for improvement. We are happy to execute on that strategy when needed.

Website Analysis Types:

User Experience Analysis: The user experience is the key to success in a digital world! If your website is unorganized or creates too much fiction, you wont get the sales or conversion you need.

SEO Analysis: A thorough analysis of your SEO including both on page SEO, Off page SEO (Backlink Analysis) content and more.

PPC Analysis: PPC may be easy to setup, but for most its a challenge to make effective. Our PPC analysis dives into your campaign’s weaknesses, provides opportunity for improvement, and even touches on your competitors initiatives.

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