what is a tel link

What is a Tel Link?

A tel links was something specifically designed to help webmasters provide a better user experience for their visitors using phones. Similar to an email link, when clicked, a tel link sends the phone number that is being used as a hyperlink to the users phone prompting the user to make a phone call. A tel link is also known as click to call.

What is a Tel Link?

Since a tel link improves the user experience for mobile users by reducing friction, websites with tel links generally receive more phone calls then websites that don’t use tel links.

How Do I create a Tel Link?

Tel links are quick and easy to setup! All you need to do is remove the hyperlink from your traditional html code and replace it with a phone number. The code will look something like this <a href=”tel:+15555555555″>555-555-5555</a>. If you want to get creative you can try something like<a href=”tel:+15555555555″>Click To Call</a>. You Try!

How Do I Track Tel Links?

For you SEO and PPC campaigns it becomes paramount to learn how to track click to call. While there may be more then one way do to this, Google Tag Manager is the method I use when I am not using a paid call tracking software.

Below are the steps I use to track tel links

1. Open Google Tag Manager
2. Create a Trigger
3. Choose an Event
4. Choose Click
5. Configure trigger on Just Links
6. Enable when Page URL contains .*
7. Fire ON Click URL contains tel:
8. Create Trigger

Don’t forget doing this pushes the tel link / click to call data into Google Analytics as an event. You can then convert that event in Google Analytics to a goal. All goals in Google Analytics can also be imported into Google Ads. Its a little bit of a process but it gets easy with practice. Let us know how you did!

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